For vacation and summer we love to have a glass of wine to be savoured outside. What remains afterwards is lots of cork that occasionally should be disposed of. Before however these cute round pieces may serve for different decorations. The local hardware store had a special offer for grey tillandsia. These little, nearly rootless plants are very sturdy and persistent because their leaves are covered with tiny scalls. These’re absorbing haze drops and humidity beeing in the air and thus will guarantee the plants’ survival. For plant fanciers it means that this kind of bromeliad may be put in full sunlight and only needs to be sprayed once in a while.

I chose some of my corks and with the help of a sharp knife I made a hole in its top’s center. The hole should be wide enough to insert the tillandsia. For the larger ones I gave a small drop of hot glue on the bottom of the hole to hold the plant. Hide the distance between cork and plant with a piece of twine. Fasten the ends with some hot glue too. My first cork plant holder’s sitting on top of a nice pebble now and embellishing my office desk. Take some further ornaments like hearts, flowers or others made from wood or card stock and glue a cork on top. Add some shells, driftwood pieces and a name tag to use it as a place card for your next dinner or barbecue. At the end every guest may take home her little plant and care for it on the window sill.


Tasselfever part 2


It took me some time to get the photos – the last school days were much busier than planned. But right now we’re on holiday and it’s time for me to show all my new shirts. As you can see I’m fond of stripes and like to combine them with my tassel necklaces. They’re perfect when it’s hot outside and after wearing they just need to be rinsed under water to become clean and fresh again.


Even my bead necklace is nice for hot days. With its fixed closure it’s less variable for the length then a string with sliding knots.  To remove sweat or the skin’s grease just wash it with warm water too.





Summer feeling – yarn tassels are the best way to express that kind of feeling. Marine colors are always scoring but pastel-colored tassels match the Indie Look quite well. If you don’t know exactly how to make them just have a look at this video.

2017_Tassel2The quickest way is to use a simple yarn thread to hold the tassel and to make a chain with it. Use a sliding knot to change the length of your string. Use a fork to wrap small tassels of about 3cm length. For the bigger ones cut a piece of cardstock mesuring 6-8cm x 10cm and wrap your thread around the short side. Don’t be afraid to do some more work and add two further threads to the first string and start braiding on each side. Join the braided strings in the end and wrap them tightly with a seperate thread.  If you love it even more sophisticated you can attach your tassel to a perl string in matching colors. The quick solution, just for one summer season, will be the single thread with a sliding knot.

2017_Tassel3Choose some single pearls or pearl caps to decorate your tassels. If your little pendants get distortet or crumpled simply hold them under running water and let them dry suspended. You’ll get high quality bead yarn in countless colors in every well sorted embroidery shop. Thus you’ll be able to create a tassel pendant matching with each of your summer outfits. Thanks to the sliding knot you may even wear it with a long or with a short string. Due to missing sunshine I couldn’t take any pictures when wearing my handmade tassels. I’ll catch up on this within the next days.


For you











Summertime means meeting friends at home to make a BBQ or just spend some time on a lovely terrace or balcony. On a hot summer day you may surprise your guests with a sweet coconut candy. I saw this idea on Annas Blog Bastelglanz and liked it so much that I had to try it myself immediately. Decorate it with different accessories. I decided for some butterflies shown in a former post but hearts or flowers will be very nice too.


A nicely wrapped Raffaello candy.

You’ll need a 4,5 x 15cm long card stock stripe to wrap your candy. Score it at 5 and at 14cm. Pull the middle part over your folding tool to make the cardstock vault. Fix the candy with a glue dot on the 5cm part and fold the remaining stripe to cover it. Fix the 1cm lap at the bottom. Now your candy’s ready for decoration. Take a butterfly, flower or heart to glue on top. If you like just print some name tags and attach them to your decoration. The lot f butterflies may sit in the center of your table or just on each guest’s plate. It’s very nice too if you hide one of the wrapped candies in a bouquet of flowers with the purpose to say thank you for an invitation or something else.



Father’s day


A shirt or a necktie for dad – simply boring. But what about such lovely sandwich bag shirts filled with tiny goodies for father or grandfather. Matching with the planned barbecue we chose mini brandy bottles and some chocolate candies. The shirts may be placed on Dad’s breakfast seat or on your BBQ buffet table.

Cut off the mostly serrated top of the sandwich bag. Then make a slightly angular 3 – 4cm long cut on the bag’s both sides. Fold both flaps to the bag’s center to get the shirt collar. Open again and fill your bag with goodies. Then choose some card stock matching with your table setting or having Dad’s favourite color to cut a neck- or bow tie. You may take pages of magazines as well. Glue necktie on top of your bag, fold collar and fix with some glue dots too. To prevent goodies from dropping out you should fold back the shoulders and glue them at the back of your bag. Stamped motives or name tags are a nice way to personalize your shirts. Besides candies you may take mini beauty products, vouchers or the kids’ small diy goodies.

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