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Last-minute advent wreath

  Saturday night and you just forgot that tomorrow we’ll have Advent Sunday. Well, then there’s only one thing to do – spontaneous crafting action. Take a large glass bowl and fill it with decorating pebbles and Christmas balls in your favorite colour. Place four  Pendulum Christmas Tree candle holders on the edge of the […]

Advent wreath

This kind of advent wreath will need some space and goes best with country style furniture or on a roofed terrasse. Then the candles should be replaced by glass candle holders. The rack is made with three birch tree logs being 4 feet long and having a diameter of 1.5-2 inches. Just beneath the upper […]

Advent calendar Par IV

  One of the quickly done calendars. Simply choose a wicker heart and decorate it with a Christmas ribbon matching with the color of the wall behind it. Mine will hang on a light brown wall. The lovely Santa box is made with the template of the mini gift box which I showed last October. […]

Advent calendar – PartIII

 This is one of the calendars that needs a little bit more time but good planning and maybe a little help will allow you to finish it until December 1st. You’ll need 24 papercups to hide the candies, some Christmas papers and pink, red and white cardstock. The templates for coat, hat, face and gloves […]

Decorative gift wrapping

One of the lovely packages I made for my different advent calendars. It was either placed on the shelf or hung up in the tree. For the advent calendar just glue the numbers instead of a name tag. You can use gift wrapping paper that needs to be tailored to the desires size or Christmas […]