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Single entrance

For Christmas we had wooden stars holding a Christmas rose. I love this kind of presenting a single flower and want to do it at any time of the year. A substitute for the stars had to be found. A sufficient quantity of wood was still lying in the basement and the saw waiting for […]

Cake box

Those who do a lot of baking will perfectly understand my dilemma. There it is, my lovely cake and being invited  by a very good friend I’d like to take it with me for teatime. But not the whole one! To be honest, I planned to have another piece of it the next day too. […]

Roast apple jam

 Here we are with the recipe for the roast apple jam anounced in my last post. Except as a filling for my chocolate cake I really love to eat it with the famous german Pumpernickel. Delicious, the sweet cover on a solid underground. The jam is made with applesauce which you can make yourself or […]

Chocolate cake filled with roast apple jam

Resembling the Sacher cake but with a wintery taste of roast apple this chocolate cake’s the very best for cold days. I added some chocolate crumbs to the original recipe. Refined chocolate chips were meant to reach us as Christmas greetings from our friends in France. Unfortunately either the french or the german postmen didn’t […]

Je suis Charlie

Together against xenophobia. Ratingen, Market Place at 7 pm