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Pizza Santa hats

The traditional italian pizza in a Christmas outfit – in other words in the shape of Santa’s hat. Take any covering you like as long as it is red. In our case it’s red peppers, salami and lumpy tomato sauce. Flatten the pizza dough and roll out a rectangle that should be divided into stripes […]

A triplet of chocolate cookies

Once again one of the really useful recipes created by Dr. Oetker. Making three different holiday cookies with one pastry only. That saves time and they’re delicious nevertheless.

Santa hat cheesecake

When looking for some new and interesting Holiday recipees I found lovely Santa-hat-cheesecakes on Rachels blog. Her instructions are perfect and quite easy to follow. I’ll simply add some pictures of my Santa-hat-cheesecakes. There you’ll see that I had to replace the strawberries because in December it’s quite hard to get tasty ones in Germany. […]

Braided Star

Honestly I couldn’t resist when I read the instructions for this wonderful yeast dough. I checked my supplies and was wondering whether my star would really look like the one shown at It did indeed and it will become my favourite Holiday cake this year. I couldn’t have given you the instructions better than […]


Brownies – delicious the whole year through. This recipe coming from my mum is with lots of chocolate. I tried it at home, found it brillant and asked for it directly. It’s a must for all chocolate fancier!