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Easy-Peasy Napkin

A table setting without neatly folded napkins? Impossible, at least for myself. I can hardly resist any napkin with a nice pattern but very often have to find out that most of the foldings don’t show it correctly or even make it disappear. That’s why I love this standing version that can be folded with […]

Spiralled Whipped Cream

Red fruity trails in whipped cream – a feast for your senses. Try it and you’ll bring the house down. I took some raspberry juice, thickened it with some corn starch and filled it an a pastry bag with an icing syringe. Therefore draw three lines along the inside of the bag and then fill […]


Spring is all around – declicious chocolate cupcakes and hazelnut cookies savoured while the sun is shining. Instructions for twisted raspberry cream and easy-peasy napkinfolding will follow tomorrow.

Cauliflower Casserole

Time for cauliflower is up but deep-frozen you can savour it the whole year through. Our kids often ask for it when they come home. Cauliflower on a yeast dough baked with cheese. If you don’t have time or don’t dare to make the dough yourself you may take a convenience product as well. The […]

Rose Crumble

Finally I found the time to try one more of the wonderful recipes with rose ladyfingers. Last week I bought some deep-frozen rhubarb and therefore wanted to try a crumble with it. A crumble is both creamy and crunchy and you can savour it lukewarm or cold. The recipe is made for 8 ramekins. It’s […]