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Peaches in tomato salad

Looking for new recipes I often find those looking quite strange in the beginning. I tend to try them nevertheless and today I’d like to share one of them with you. This delicious tomato salad with fresh peaches can be served as a starter or in shot glasses on a party buffet.

Dessert basket

Seen on pinterest and immediately realised on our wedding anniversary – this wonderful proposal for serving a dessert. At the end of summer there’s lots of fruit available so that I decided to serve a fruit salad as dessert. The apple which is always part of my fruit salad will now be transformed into a […]

Puprle Shamrock

Having a distant look at this plant you may think it’s cut out of paper. That’s due to the very fine thin leaves. The oxalis triangularis commonly called Purple Shamrock really has triangular leaves which are closing at dusk and then look like little lampions. That’s why some people also call it the sleepy Shamrock. […]

Owl for starting school

The first day at school – for most of the kids a very special day. German kids usually spend the afternoon then with their grandparents, godparents and friends. On this occasion these little sweet owls will be welcome. Some cellphane bags filled with sweets will make the body which is glued between a folded card […]

Summer on the table

Quick, easy but very effective. Simply collect some herbages and flowers from the roadside and put them into simple glass vases filled with colored water. Therefor just stir some food color into the water before inserting the flowers. That’s my way of using old food colors. A potpourri of different paper napkins and dinnerware will […]