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Asparagus once again

May 1, in many countries a public holiday, is often used for hiking and cycling. In doing so people often stop for a lunch and for dinner then prefer something that is quickly prepared. What about asparagus served with a fresh May Punch.  

Strawberry Dessert

Simple but exquisite and this dessert will surely catch your guests’ eyes. It’s consisting of mascarpone, curd cheese, yoghurt, some rasped chocolate, a dash of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey to sweeten it. The quantity of mascarpone decides the stability of your dessert. I took curd cheese and mascarpone in equal parts and […]


shown as decoration today. We can already buy them, strawberries grown on our home soil. They’re still rather expensive and so we must be happy with two or three of these wonderful fruit decorating a dessert, a drink or a cake. The strawberry on the left is cut into thin slices stopping shortly before its […]

Risotto with Asparagus

One of the most popular vegetables at least for spring time – asparagus. Always looking for new recipes I found this risotto made with asparagus and a bear’s garlic pesto. A combination of two of my favourite ingredients. Just prepare the double quantity of the pesto so that you can use it lateron for other […]

Happy Easter

with lots of sunshine and many sweet surprises to all of my friends and readers.