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A new old shirt

Oops, accidents happen. In spite of my great care I got a large spot of window color in the front of my t-shirt. Neither stain remover nor several washes could help. Fortunately the tinkering donkey loves the marine style for summer clothes and there was a peace of white dotted red fabric left over from […]

Cheese muffins

Days are still becoming longer and every now and then there’s the chance to stay outside for a light dinner. You will surely enjoy the lovely cheese muffins seen on Serve them with a fresh beer or white wine and you’ll have a wonderful snack. For 12 normal sized muffins or 24 mini-muffins you’ll […]


I nearly forgot it, the recipe for the really delicious loaf baked with three sorts of cheese. I’ll catch up on it today. It’s nice as a side dish with salad but a real indulgence too when savoured with some spicy herb butter. Ingredients: 200 g Limburger cheese 200 g sheep’s or feta cheese 500 […]

Mother’s Day

Dear Mothers, have a nice day with your families.

Hearts for Mother’s Day

This post is for all those who just found out that we’ll have Mother’s Day already this week and that they still need a nice idea for  breakfast. Simply make some shortcrust heart shaped cookies and join two of them with some straw- or raspberry jam. Therefore heat the jam in your microwave for some […]