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Easter table setting

The main colors of this Easter table are orange, yellow and light green. Little paper bags were glued in a way that they’re looking like carrots. Take some orange paper or card stock and follow the instructions of my November post. Before closing the carrot glue in a piece of green paper cut in stripes. […]

Fresh supply

Before showing more of my Easter table setting I simply feel the urgent desire to present some further little chicken. Whether they’re sitting on a branch with or without eggs or whether they’re just joining those from last year. I always feel good looking at them. Eggs, Easter grass and my chicken are fixed to […]

First step

The first steps towards a happy Easter have been taken. For breakfast we will have little sugar-cinnamon covered bunnies made with a yeast dough or a curd cheese dough. Forming these bunnies is quite easy. Take an egg-sized portion of dough, roll out to a bar of 4/5″ and loop them twice. Place a small […]

Fluffy Easter eggs

The hint came from my daughter who saw the instruction for these fluffy Easter eggs on LikeMag. When baking a lemon sponge cake I simply took the required eggs to realize the idea. Just pick a hole into the top of the eggshell and pour out yolk and egg white for your recipe. Wash eggshells […]

Fresh kick for your skin

Spring tiredness? You won’t feel anything of it any more after this coffee face mask. The coffee grounds still including caffeine freshens up your skin, olive or walnut oil and lemon juice will nourish and tighten it. 2-3 tbsp coffee grounds (simply take them aside to cool after cooking some coffee) 1 tbsp lemon juice […]