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Easter table

Let’s get started with the funny version of our kids’ Easter table. The little rabbits are made with card stock stripes mesuring 12 x 1 inch. Fold at 2 and 5 inches from each side. Fold down the ends to get the rabbit’s ears. (left) Fix their ends with a glue dot. Then insert a […]

Royal table

For my today’s post I have to go into greater detail. My husband’s Schuetzen-formation called William Tell Formation is having a shooting competition (using a wooden bird) every year. The winning contestant will be their “King of Formation” and his wife as his queen has to organize a women’s breakfast during Schuetzenfest /marksmen’s festival. For […]

Easter napkins

Being crazy about sewing made me neglect my blog during the last weeks. Right now, a few days before Easter it’s time for crafting and decorating again. I love decorations that don’t cost a fortune and don’t need to be stored afterwards. For a lovely Easter table you’ll simply have to work with some different […]

Driftbottle landed

Week after week we’re waiting for our summer holidays and then, like every year, they’re over way too fast. My seaside decoration reminds me of the wonderful days spent at the sea and by the way make me think about new destinations for next year. Take a small wooden tray and fill it with sand […]

Easter center piece

There’s only some days left until Easter and it would be nice to have an Easter center piece already now. Before tulips and duffodils will inhabit flower pots and paper maché egg we just put some primroses on our table. It takes a bit of time to make such a paper maché egg but it’s […]