About me

Donkey- this nickname was probably given to me because of my grey hair and maybe sometimes because of my stubbornness coming up whenever necessary. Preferably if it means to achieve the impossible. Furthermore I do believe in loyalty shown especially by the personal donkey of ancient bishop St Nicholas.
I love cooking, bakery and all the other handicraft works. Friends often ask for recipes and I find it hard to not forget them. That’s why I started my blog referring to it each time I’m asked for instruction or recipe.
Comments on my works are expressly requested. You may leave a comment at the end of each post.
Here some basic information regarding the cooking and bakery posts. Each post includes a shopping list (simple click and seperate window with printable version will open)with the most important ingredients. Salt, pepper, vanilla sugar or a spoonful of margarine or butter is not seperately listed because most of us do have it at home. So before starting read instructions carefully and if necessary add missing ingredients to my list.
For decoration I prefer natural stuff like cones, leaves, branches etc. which we often gather during our long lasting excursions in the environments of our home.



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