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Black and white cookies

Sweet and very tasty twists with chocolate and vanilly pastry – they’re very easy to do. both pastries are rolled out to the same size and placed on top of each other. To give them a better hold spread some beaten egg white on top of one of the pastry. I took some raspberry jam […]

Sweet hedgehogs

Chocolate pinwheel cookies served in a different way. It’s a bit difficult to make them if you don’t have an oval cookie cutter with spikes. The other parts are easily rolled out and cooked. Eyes and nose are made with chocolate writing icing. Without the fitting cookie cutter just help yourself with a round cookie […]


Different autumn accessories will find a nice place amidst this natural frame. Thanks to the attachment with a twine cord the objects are ready for change whenever you like it. The place where you want to hang it will determine the size of your frame. Cut four appropriate branche s or twigs and fix them […]


Finds of forest and beach are to be decorated in many different ways. After heavy rains a single dahlia flower bent down and I wanted her to survive in a test-tube. Therefor I fixed the tube with some hot glue to a large piece of driftwood and wrapped it with some twine. Instead of driftwood […]

For Nutella fanciers

Autumn’s approaching – at least in Europe – and with it the joy to spend some more time in my kitchen. Today I’ll propose you a real indulging recipe for all those who love nutella. A mellow cupcake with a creamy nutella filling and a sugar-cinnamon crust. Easy to make and delicious when eaten lukewarm. […]