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Low budget buffet

You’ll need around 5-10 €/£/$ to decorate such a funny buffet for German carnival or any other party. In every Dollarstore you’ll find cheap paper or plastic cups, glasses or bowls in lots of different colours. Paper napkins referring to season or occasion are often available too. Take a coloured napkin for your table or […]

Apple pillows

For all those being quite curious after my yesterday’s introduction I’ll post the recipe for apple pillows right now. The dough makes 10 midsize pillows and exactly following the instructions will guarantee success. The slider at the end of the post will show it step by step. Dough: 250g wheat flour 1 dash of salt […]

Hefe und mehr / Yeast and more

I planned to bake some apple pillows because I had leftovers of applesauce. Whenever talking about yeast dough the immediate answer is: ” Yeast, that’s something I didnt’t try yet and in addition I don’t even own a food processor like you do.” That’s why I made the dough with the kneading hooks of my […]

Valentine’s breakfast

Valentine’s Day will be on a Sunday this year. So what about inviting your family or dearest friends for a huge meeting for a Valentine’s breakfast. The invitation is written on a jar shaped card and the smaller version serves as a place card or napkin holder. Add some matching paper napkins and chocolate candies […]


Time is precious, really precious but often we just notice it when we don’t have any time left. No time left for spending time together, no time for a nice word, no time for a hug and sometimes even no time to say good-bye to someone leaving forever. Ideas for St. Valentine’s Day was the […]