Apple pillows


For all those being quite curious after my yesterday’s introduction I’ll post the recipe for apple pillows right now. The dough makes 10 midsize pillows and exactly following the instructions will guarantee success. The slider at the end of the post will show it step by step.

250g wheat flour
1 dash of salt
10g fresh yeast
75-100ml milk
30g soft unsalted butter
35g caster sugar
5-6 tbsp apple sauce
1 whisked egg yolk

Mix flour, salt and yeast in bowl and add milk successively while kneading with the hooks of your mixer. Stop adding milk when dough is a smooth lightly chewy compound. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes. Then fold in soft butter and after that add sugar successively and knead until totally absorbed. That may take 5-8 minutes. Your dough will be very soft, he’ll have a light glaze but he won’t be sticky. Pour it onto a lightly floured surface and form a ball:
Take one part of your dough’s edge, lift it lightly and fold it to the middle. Repeat going clockwise until having a really round ball. Turn it carefully, cover it with a tea towel and leave to rest for 20 minutes.  The dough’s volume nearly will have doubled. Flatten it with your hands then and fold it. Start folding the left side to the middle, then fold over the right side. Next step will be to fold it crosswise starting at the bottom and ending with folding the top part down. Leave your dough packet to rest for 10 minutes and repeat foldings once more and let rest another 10 minutes.
Now roll out the dough and cut into 10 squares with a serrated knife. Spread some whisked egg yolk along two edges and give some apple sauce into the middle. Now fold the square diagonally to get triangles. Fix the edges by pressing a fork’s tines into the dough. Put the dough pillows on a baking pan and let rest 15 minutes.
Preheat oven at 180°C in the meantime. Then brush pillow surface with egg yolk and bake or 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Remove them from the oven and let them cool on a baking rack. Dust them with some powdered sugar before serving. They’re best when fresh but thanks to lots of small air bubbles in the dough they are still delicious the next day.Apfeltaschen13Instead of apple sauce you may take plum butter or cherry jam for the filling. If you’re afraid of preparing pillows, just cut 4cm stripes of your dough, give some apple sauce on top, roll them up and bake them in a silicone or paper muffin case. You’ll have very tasty dough rolls then.
Conclusion: for a perfect result you’ll have to plan around two hours for preparation and baking time. You may use resting periods for easy works like tydying up the kitchen tools, prepare tea time table or even prepare your clothes washer etc….

Step by step getting a perfect dough.

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