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They’re in full flower right now and there’s nothing better then their comforting odor in your wardrobe and bedroom. Browsing around I found some lovely lavender pads on Antonia’s site. I tried them myself immediately. Their pyramidal shape makes it easy to place them everywhere. Sewn with some leftover cloth you can leave them as […]

Spicy streusel cake

Streusel cake, isn’t that one of those wonderful typical German cakes often made with apples or vanilla custard beneath the crumbly streusel? I love it and was really surprised to find a recipe with peanuts, dried tomatoes and spring onions. Serve it with fresh Greek Tzatziki and nothing will be left over. For the first […]

Lemon cup cakes

After a longer break, caused by a dental treatment, we’ll have the recipe for fluffy lemon cakes.

High Heels

Ta-da! Here they are, our High Heels for tea-time. Even those who usually prefer sneakers or loafers will love these wunderful shoes. They’re made of cupcakes, big size ladyfingers, wafer rolls, butter or mascarpone cream and of course lots of cake toppers and colored sugar. I decided for a set of rose and lilac decoration. […]

High Heels for teatime

Looking for a funny video to be sent as birthday congratulation I accidentally found an instruction for high heels cup-cakes. Elisabeth of sweet arts describes perfectly how make these wonderful “shoes”. I tried to do them myself and will share my experiences with you within the next days. For today you’ll have to content yourself […]