High Heels

Highheel7Ta-da! Here they are, our High Heels for tea-time. Even those who usually prefer sneakers or loafers will love these wunderful shoes. They’re made of cupcakes, big size ladyfingers, wafer rolls, butter or mascarpone cream and of course lots of cake toppers and colored sugar. I decided for a set of rose and lilac decoration. Instead of the flower cake toppers you may also place a loop of cream on the tip of the shoe.
Insteadt of the traditional big size ladyfingers I took some of the rose ones from France. They had to be rounded off with a sharp knife at one end and shortened a bit at the other. Decorate your cupcakes with a large buttercream rose. (This time I made a mascarpone cream which soaked ladyfingers and wafer rolls after some time. I hope this doesn’t happen with buttercream – I’ll try it and report about the results.) The wafer rolls need to be cut diagonally at one end to make the heel. Give some icing on both sides of the roll and place the sloped side beneath the round end of the ladyfingers. Then stick the ladyfinger  into the icing rose and press the heel on your cupcake stand. Choose a washable cupcake stand because the heel will be fixed on it with buttercream.
Give some cream into a freezer bag, cut off one angle and use it to pipe some icing on the edge of the sole. You can decorate it with some coloured sugar or sugar pearls.
The icing rose can also be decorated with coloured sugar or other cake toppers. If you don’t want to serve all cupcakes as High Heels the others are to be garnished as usual. I used some of my home made cupcake baking cups to decorate them in rose.
Some of the paper baking cups had changed colour so that next time I’ll use my silicone cups again and put the cupcakes into paper cups afterwards.
The recipe for these lemon cupcakes will follow within the next days.

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