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Who can resist this wonderful plate with fruit? I’ve made it to try my new decospoons. I saw the corresponding video more than once and doubted if it was really that easy for someone not being a professional. I admit it’s not as perfect as shown but the result meets my demands as an amateur […]

Table Setting – natural

We appreciated the nice weather on Saturday and had a really long walk through the woods. On this occasion I mostly stumble on unimpressive odds and ends which are perfect for a table setting. That’s why today I want to show a quite natural setting for tea-time. A lot of birch trees have been chopped […]

Dancing on Broken Glass

This is the debut novel of Ka Hancock, a nurse living in Seattle. According to her own words she loves stories effecting strong feelings. In that she succeeded with her debut feature. I’m appreciating nice stories but don’t feel concerned very often. Reading the story of Mickey Chandler, Lucy Houston and her family I felt […]

Foolproof Loop

The instruction for a cardigan with a loop collar made of chain stitches and a single ravel of fluffy wool inspired me to make these foolproof loops. The chains are finger crocheted because that makes them fluffy and you don’t even need a crochet hook. The wool that works best should be rather thick, fluffy […]

Salmon Quiche

A light quiche made without any sour cream. A white roux is ligating all ingredients. Thanks to the deep-frozen flake pastry it’s done easily and suitable for a small household because the pastry sheets can be removed piecewise. Fennel gives this recipe a fancy flavour and savoured with a glass of wine it’s a really […]