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Easy bread

Oh, how I love it to remove a fresh bread from the oven and most of the time I’m cooking all kinds of bread that need a lot of preparation and time for rising. But it’s even better if, coming home from work, you just decide to cook a loaf of bread for dinner and […]

Pan-fried bread

From one year to the next I nearly forgot the promised recipe for all the bread leftovers occuring when cutting out bread stars for my Christmas dinner. I had used five slices of  multigrain bread for the stars and let dry the edges over nigh to frie them in a pan lateron. This way you […]


These mini tortellini skewers are a lovely starter or a wonderful snack for a buffet. The pesto sour cream dip is done in a minute and served in a seperate bowl.  Take small, dried tortellini and cook according to package directions. All kinds of fillings are possible, we took some with a “pizza filling”. For […]

Happy New Year!

I wish all readers and crafters started their new year in good health. Now we’ll have to come back to everyday life after all those troubled holidays. There’s still one part of my Christmas table missing, the tortellini-skewers recipe. I’ll present them in a day or two because it’s a perfect recipe for a buffet […]