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Bows again

Bows for place cards as well as for your table. The smaller bows, mesuring between 6 and 8 cm, are decorating the plates together with a matching paper napkin. Here the bow’s sitting on a single Raffaello candy. For the name tag I simply glued my bow on top of two paper strips. No matter […]

More bows

Today you’ll see my little box filled with chocolate – a nice alternative for missing cookies when getting unexpected visitors for a cup of tea or coffee. Just prepare some bows and boxes in advance to assemble and use them lateron. For the box you need 15×15 cm cardstock which needs to be scored at […]


Paper bows simply embellish every wrapping. They can be made with quite expensive punches but I prefer the economical method of cutting them myself with a template. It’s easily done with paper but they’re looking quite nice with card stock too. Then you should stretch the upper part over a scissor blade. Transfer the selected […]

Little sailing boats

Ship ahoy! Prepare your driftwood or small branches drilling little holes for toothpicks or party skewers. Then cut square pieces of fabric or paper napkins with sides a bit smaller than the hull of your boats. Toothpicks and party skewers will make perfect masts. Fold your square diagonally and cut two holes at 0,5cm from […]

Napkin rings

For making these napkin rings you’ll need about 85cm of twine. Wind it three times around the first three fingers of your hand and make a knot with both ends. Leave about 5-6cm on each side and make a further knot at the ends to avoid unravelling. Fix the twisted ring inside the seashell with […]