More bows


Today you’ll see my little box filled with chocolate – a nice alternative for missing cookies when getting unexpected visitors for a cup of tea or coffee. Just prepare some bows and boxes in advance to assemble and use them lateron. For the box you need 15×15 cm cardstock which needs to be scored at 4/4.5/10.5 and 11cm. Then make a quarterturn to the left and score at 8.5 and 9cm. Cout out the small outer areas – see PDF-format, lower part. Then outline the edges of the bigger areas as you like. Turn up the center part and close the side parts on top of it with a drop of glue. In the end attach your prepared bow and fill.


One of the bigger bows just decorates a simple paper bag. It’s the color combination of bag bow and ribbon that makes the difference. With a nice badge you’ll have a gift to say thank you, for a birthday or a voucher.



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