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Lots of luck

My newest set of cookie cutters included one for little pigs and one for a four-leaf clover. Both lucky charms in Germany. A traditional shortcrust for the cookies, powdered sugar colored in red and green for their tops. Decorated on a nice plate with paper streamers and confetti they’re a lovely snack for every guest […]

Merry Christmas

It’s not the price that makes the value of a present but the fact who gives it to you and why. Little gifts coming from your heart may give enormous pleasure to the benificiary. In this spirit I wish you a merry Christmas, some peaceful days but also inspiring talks and of course excellent meals. […]

Napkin Star

This napkin folded as a poinsettia is a must for all professionals in folding methods or those who like to try something new and a bit tricky. Napkins with a stronger texture will keep their form without any further support. I took a small bast loop to fix my soft napkin. Youtube offers a very […]

A broad hint

It’s Christmas time and parcels are coming from all over the world. The sound coming out of our penpal’s parcel made us fear that some Christmas cookies were all crumbs. What a surprise there were really cookie crumbs inside but the were neatly packed in a plastic bag with nozzle. To let the cat out […]

Christmas Tree Napkin

Folding napkins is not always that easy but if the instructions are accompanied by detailed pictures I manage to fold most of them. That’s why my post today will be rather short and folding my Christmas Tree simply means to open the gallery and follow the steps of each picture. For my instructions I chose […]