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Mini shortbread cups

My last discovery for desserts – small cups of shortbread filled with various sorts of cream. Based on a traditional shortbread recipe you simply have to roll out the pastry at 2-3mm and cut cookies. Your cups will look very nice with a flower shaped cookie cutter but cercles and squares will work too. Place […]

Paper vase

  Inspired by folded muffin wraps I made these little green vases for my strawberry table decoration. The advance of these vases is that you can produce them at any time in any color you need. According to the flower and the size of the water container you’ll need origami papers mesuring between 10 or […]

Strawberry center piece

Strictly in file gerbera and fabric strawberries are arranged in the center of my table. Match them with a red or green and white checkered table cloth or put them directly on a rustic wooden table.  The following picture shows some ladybeetle paper napkins on a white plate. The bigger plate on the left repeats […]

Strawberries at table

It took me some time to continue with my strawberry posts because technical problems prevented me from showing you my table decorations. Simply take some green paper napkins as a base for those fabric strawberries. These are sitting in a small mold of bast fibers. For the mold you need 3-4 fibers of 50-70cm length. […]


Strawberry fans will love them – these lovely fabric strawberries. These long-life berries will stay much longer than summer and they’re nice for all sorts of decorations. Whether you’ll sew them by machine or by hand, they’re done in a few minutes. Here’s a free download pattern for leaf and fruit. Take one or two […]