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Rocket salad with strawberries

A recipe for all those who’d like to eat strawberries the whole day through. I’m spedially interested in extraordinary combinations you won’t expect when thinking of these lovely sweet red fruit. Today we’ll have a salad being a perfect starter or a light snack for dinner if consumed with some bread.   Due to technical […]

Sweet-sour dessert

Rhubarb or strawberries? If you can’t decide then take both and create a lovely sweet-sour dessert with them. Even after a sumptuous meal your guests will be delighted.

World Cup

Most of the national championships are finished and everybody’s looking forward to the World Cup in Brazil. If the weather’s fine many Germans like to host a kind of public viewing in their garden and so do we. Given the right decoration you’ll have real football/soccer feeling at home. This means for us to take […]

Cut-up pancake

A quick lunch that makes hearts beat faster. I don’t eat raisins and therefore my cut-up pancake shouldn’t be named Kaiserschmarrn, like the Austrian original. Today I’m savouring them with marinated strawberries this time. Prepare fruit as usually and cut if they’re too big. Mix 2-3 tbsp of orange juice, 1-2 tsp of honey and […]

Table Setting with Strawberries

We’ll have strawberry cake for Sunday and I’d like to have some of these delicious fruit for my table setting too. Out of my gift for Mother’s day I chose a lovely setting with little woodland strawberries. Thanks to the lot of birds living in our garden we do have lots of them growing beneath […]