These mini tortellini skewers are a lovely starter or a wonderful snack for a buffet. The pesto sour cream dip is done in a minute and served in a seperate bowl.  Take small, dried tortellini and cook according to package directions. All kinds of fillings are possible, we took some with a “pizza filling”. For 25 skewers you’ll need:

125g small tortellini 2016_tortellinispiesse2
250g sour cream or mascarpone
3 El basil pesto
25 – 35 cocktail tomatoes
1 pot basil
pepper, salt

Cook tortellini following package directions and let them cool. Mix sour cream/mascarpone with pesto and cream. Season with salt and pepper.
Thread a tomato and a basil leaf between two tortellini on a small wooden skewer. Then give some additional tomatoes into a small wine glass and place the skewers in between. Serve dip in a seperate glass or bowl.
If the skewers are to be served as a starter, simply give some of the dip into a shot glass for each guest and put one or two skewers inside.






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