Valentine’s breakfast


Valentine’s Day will be on a Sunday this year. So what about inviting your family or dearest friends for a huge meeting for a Valentine’s breakfast.
The invitation is written on a jar shaped card and the smaller version serves as a place card or napkin holder. Add some matching paper napkins and chocolate candies and a lovely breakfast table’s waiting for bread, marmelade, ham and eggs and everything else that makes a good breakfast.


The double jar needs to be cut out in one piece and folded between the two lids. Tie a ribbon just beneath the lids after your invitation has been written. The top jar contains “marmelade” in our case and because it’s for Valentine’s Day I chose a heart printed paper. A lable glued in its center shows us that it’s an invitation. If you want to allow your guests to use the card again just cut out one single jar to write down your invitation and place it between the two layers of your folded card.


The small card needs to be cut out twice. For the back just cut it without a lid. Glue both card parts together on one side and fold along the glue line. Thus the card will open easily and stand on a plate or table. Fix your ribbon and name tag just on the front part of the card. Inside you may even write down a little word like “nice to know you” or whatever you wish to say.

Valentin2015-4Cut out in other colors you may take this jar shaped card for any breakfast all over the year. I made it in brown once matching with my dishes. Unfortunately I only took a picture of the small place card. In this case the double jar is cut out like the big one and foled between the lids.The name tag is hanging down the front part of my jar and due to the folding line it’s standing beside the plate like a small ladder. You may as well put it over the chocolate bar or roll a paper napkin beneath the two parts.


There are papers and card stocks available in countless color versions and breakfast among family and friends, well that’s always something special. If you’re afraid of all the work to be done then simply ask your guests to contribute something to that morning meal.



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