Roast apple jam


 Here we are with the recipe for the roast apple jam anounced in my last post. Except as a filling for my chocolate cake I really love to eat it with the famous german Pumpernickel. Delicious, the sweet cover on a solid underground. The jam is made with applesauce which you can make yourself or just buy.


1kg/2.2lb applesauce
1 kg/2.2lb jam sugar
1 cinnamon stick
2-3 star-anis
2 cloves
50gr/1.7oz raisin
50gr/1.7oz chopped almonds

Home made applesauce: cut off apple cores of 1,5kg/3.3lb apples, cut apples into small pieces and cook them with some water. Give spices into a teabag and hang it into the applesauce overnight.

Remove spices before cooking your jam. Add 1kg/2.2lb jam sugar, raisin and almonds. Cook according to instructions on jam sugar packaging. If you don’t like fruit bits in jam I propose to purée it. Pour into twist top glasses, close and place them upside down for about ten minutes.


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