For vacation and summer we love to have a glass of wine to be savoured outside. What remains afterwards is lots of cork that occasionally should be disposed of. Before however these cute round pieces may serve for different decorations. The local hardware store had a special offer for grey tillandsia. These little, nearly rootless plants are very sturdy and persistent because their leaves are covered with tiny scalls. These’re absorbing haze drops and humidity beeing in the air and thus will guarantee the plants’ survival. For plant fanciers it means that this kind of bromeliad may be put in full sunlight and only needs to be sprayed once in a while.

I chose some of my corks and with the help of a sharp knife I made a hole in its top’s center. The hole should be wide enough to insert the tillandsia. For the larger ones I gave a small drop of hot glue on the bottom of the hole to hold the plant. Hide the distance between cork and plant with a piece of twine. Fasten the ends with some hot glue too. My first cork plant holder’s sitting on top of a nice pebble now and embellishing my office desk. Take some further ornaments like hearts, flowers or others made from wood or card stock and glue a cork on top. Add some shells, driftwood pieces and a name tag to use it as a place card for your next dinner or barbecue. At the end every guest may take home her little plant and care for it on the window sill.


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