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Summertime means meeting friends at home to make a BBQ or just spend some time on a lovely terrace or balcony. On a hot summer day you may surprise your guests with a sweet coconut candy. I saw this idea on Annas Blog Bastelglanz and liked it so much that I had to try it myself immediately. Decorate it with different accessories. I decided for some butterflies shown in a former post but hearts or flowers will be very nice too.


A nicely wrapped Raffaello candy.

You’ll need a 4,5 x 15cm long card stock stripe to wrap your candy. Score it at 5 and at 14cm. Pull the middle part over your folding tool to make the cardstock vault. Fix the candy with a glue dot on the 5cm part and fold the remaining stripe to cover it. Fix the 1cm lap at the bottom. Now your candy’s ready for decoration. Take a butterfly, flower or heart to glue on top. If you like just print some name tags and attach them to your decoration. The lot f butterflies may sit in the center of your table or just on each guest’s plate. It’s very nice too if you hide one of the wrapped candies in a bouquet of flowers with the purpose to say thank you for an invitation or something else.



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