Father’s day


A shirt or a necktie for dad – simply boring. But what about such lovely sandwich bag shirts filled with tiny goodies for father or grandfather. Matching with the planned barbecue we chose mini brandy bottles and some chocolate candies. The shirts may be placed on Dad’s breakfast seat or on your BBQ buffet table.

Cut off the mostly serrated top of the sandwich bag. Then make a slightly angular 3 – 4cm long cut on the bag’s both sides. Fold both flaps to the bag’s center to get the shirt collar. Open again and fill your bag with goodies. Then choose some card stock matching with your table setting or having Dad’s favourite color to cut a neck- or bow tie. You may take pages of magazines as well. Glue necktie on top of your bag, fold collar and fix with some glue dots too. To prevent goodies from dropping out you should fold back the shoulders and glue them at the back of your bag. Stamped motives or name tags are a nice way to personalize your shirts. Besides candies you may take mini beauty products, vouchers or the kids’ small diy goodies.

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