Lent, bad weather, an abominable cold and then, well then my laptop, not even one year old, completely wrecked. A good reason to be furious and disappointed because it means that my posting activities will be vigorously reduced. It happened last Tuesday, late in the evening in the midst of my last post. When trying to boot up the next morning my machine asked me to insert the windows CD to continue. In fact we never got a CD when buying this laptop because most of the programs were already installed. Well, I could’ve taken the one from my son or my husband but how inserting it if the machine doesn’t have any CD drawer? I knew better but nevertheless turned my laptop several times to look for the corresponding drawer. I felt it, the guy on the other end of the hotline really didn’t believe me. It doesn’t matter any more because even installing the systems software via USB stick failed. So I had to get it packed and sent for repair service. Let’s see how long it will take to get it repaired and back. I’ll keep you up-to-date.


Fruity water


If there’s one good thing in lent, then it’s the fact that we’re thinking about healthy food. Instead of cakes, chocolate or potato chips we’ll have fruit, nuts and lots of juices. Some leftovers can transform your daily water into a really delicious and healthy drink. Lemon juive provides the important vitamin C, an apple takes care for the health of your intestinal climate and cinnamon is said to have an antimicrobial and blood sugar regulating effect. A low blood sugar level results in a lower insulin level. This is a signal for your lipocytes specially round your tummy, to start burning fat.

1l water (slightly acid water works well too)
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (increases the antimicrobial effect)
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1-2 tsp cinnamon
1 sliced apple

Fill the water in a jar and add the other ingredients except the apple slices. Let infuse for about 10 minutes, pour in apple slices and drink water during the day then.
So, while drinking this fruity and fresh apple water you’ll take care for your health and figure. This way abdication of sweets and alcoholic drinks is quite easy.



Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day – for some of us just a commercial thing and for the others a nice occasion to show your husband, family or friends how much you care about them. You can even do this without spending a lot of money. So why not decorate your table in special way at least for one meal today.  Simply check your funds and assemble lots of deco parts in one colour. Take a nice table cloth, matching paper napkins and candles to make your table look very special. I you thought of it last week and bought some chocolate hearts, put them on each plate or line them in the middle of your table. If you don’t have any hearts at hand just make them yourself with a simple chocolate bar. Choose a heart shaped cookie cutter and warm it up by dipping it into a bit of hot water to cut your chocolate. Instead of printed paper napkins you may as well take simple ones, cut thin strips of paper and write down your own words. Put the strips on top of your napkins or twist them around like a napkin holder. Further parts of the same colour like vases, bowls, biscuits or sweets will complete the outlook of your decoration made in love.




Show them in a nice surrounding and all lovely and delicious things will look even better. That’s why I’m always trying to decorate my craft and cooking objects in an appealing manner. Very often that means rearranging kitchen or living room for taking pictures. Since a few weeks I’m proud owner of a wooden board being the photography pad for cooking products. The background however still had to be arranged again and again. Some old pictures taken in front of a stone wall made me think about a table, always standing in front of this wall waiting for crafts and other things to be presented. Well, I bought the table, my dear husband built it up and the little donkey was just given to me by a dear friend the day before. Tata, and here he is, standing in front of a stone wall, my new “tinkering donkey table”.



Helau, helau!


Carnival – and everbody’s engaged in it, at least in some parts of Germany like the Rhineland wher we’re living. There’s no time left for cooking, posting or anything like that. These days we have to dress up, ceollect sweets and be funny before starting fasting period.