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Oh summer, where are you?

  Having a look at our kitchen calendar we can learn it’s summer. The sky over Rhineland and the actual temperatures just tell us something different. There’s only one little chance to feel a bit better – go and get a bit of summer feeling into the house. Then I usually take comfort in eating […]

Be prepared

Someone just coming up for teatime? Your best friend needs to be welcomed with a cup of tea and some cake? Well, then you’re better off with the base of these tartlets in your freezer. Specially at summer time when I want to prepare my cakes with fruit I often choose my sponge mixture to […]

Pancake rolls again

 I really need to show these two sorts of pancake rolls because they’re really delicious and done in less then 20 minutes. Bake pancake as usual and then spread some garden herbs cream cheese on top. Cover densely with rocket leaves, season with salt and pepper and roll them up tightly. For the second kind […]

Flower lollipop

Take it for a birthday party, baby shower or as in our case for saying good-bye to some primary-school pupils. A lollipop’s always welcome – and even more these ones with their nice decoration. The lolli sticks are pushed through the center of a colored card stock flower. You can mark them with names, greetings […]

Strawberry panna cotta

A tradtional desser you can’t get enough of. For summertime it’s better with fresh fruit than with the usual caramelized sugar. It’s delicious even when it’s very hot because you can prepare it in advance and keep both panna cotta and fruit in your fridge. To serve 4: 6 gelatine leaves (or corresponding quant. of […]