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Hefe und mehr / Yeast and more

I planned to bake some apple pillows because I had leftovers of applesauce. Whenever talking about yeast dough the immediate answer is: ” Yeast, that’s something I didnt’t try yet and in addition I don’t even own a food processor like you do.” That’s why I made the dough with the kneading hooks of my […]

(Deutsch) Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Unfortunately there’s no english version of this lovely novel. So please try it in German (see above)  or French – Les perroquets de la Place d’Arezzo.

The One Plus One

A wonderful novel written by Jojo Moyes. It’s best for a lazy moment on your balcony or at the beach. You need to be very optimistic if your daughter’s only chance for a qualified education at a private school consists in attending a maths competition. That’s just how it is for Jess and her highly […]

Dancing on Broken Glass

This is the debut novel of Ka Hancock, a nurse living in Seattle. According to her own words she loves stories effecting strong feelings. In that she succeeded with her debut feature. I’m appreciating nice stories but don’t feel concerned very often. Reading the story of Mickey Chandler, Lucy Houston and her family I felt […]

William Boyd

Restless, published in 2006 and winning the Costa Book Award the same year. A spy thriller but not in the classical meaning. in 1976 single mother Ruth Gilmartin gets the records of her own mother. These reveal that her original name is Eva Delektorskaja and that she was working for an intelligence service during World […]