Dancing on Broken Glass


This is the debut novel of Ka Hancock, a nurse living in Seattle. According to her own words she loves stories effecting strong feelings. In that she succeeded with her debut feature. I’m appreciating nice stories but don’t feel concerned very often. Reading the story of Mickey Chandler, Lucy Houston and her family I felt affected more than once. Specially for the second part of the novel there won’t be a dry eye in the house.
Lucy meets Mickey on a party for her 21st anniversary. Her sister booked the comedian as a surprise for her. She wants to learn more about him but Mickeay stays rather reluctant though he’s developping feelings for Lucy too. They’re both afflicted with more or less complicated diseases but Lucy’s steadfast courage to face life enables their marriage. They enjoy marital life with ups and downs like others do until a really dramatic incidence confounds everything and puts their partnership to the test.
A haunting story resembling reality so much that I read porlogue, epilogue, acknowledgements and all blurbs to find a hint on the persons being the basis for this novel. The know-how of a psychiatry nurse surely has a share in Hancock’s realistic descriptions of many situations.
A novel you should really buy and read because besides all sadness there are a lot of wonderful touching moments in Lucy’s and Mickey’s life. Perfect reading pleasure you don’t find that often.

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