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Pastry Flower

A crafting fair and removal activities detered me from showing how to make such lovely bread or pastry flowers. I’ll do that right now. It’s possible to make them with a yeast dough or a shortpastry. In both cases you have to make balls in the desired size (here 1″) and cut them with your […]

Crispy Bread Rolls

Thanks to the early spring sunshine we’re havin already lots of herbs growing in the garden. That’s why for dinner I prepared some lovely bread rolls and sticks with them. They can be served with salted butter or a horseradish dip. If you remove some of the bread rolls from the oven a few minutes […]

Natural Center piece

Spring’s approaching inexorably making flowers and bushes blossom out. Why not taking them inside to decorate house or table. Simply take some nice glasses, fill in some furled leaves (here I took those of a tiger lilly, reed works well too but can’t be found yet), pour in some water and place a floating candle […]

Trunk reloaded

For autumn I had placed this trunk with a glass light in front of our house. It was replaced by a snowman who by now went down to the cellar. Now for the first spring days I wanted to resurrect my trunk. I found lots of new moss in our garden and a leftover felt […]

Pineapple and coconut cream

There’s still no cake in sight but the desire to putter around in the kitchen always present. Most popular in fasting periods are fruit and vegetable. So why not try some recipes with those? A recently bought fresh pineapple should be prepared following a recipe on Unfortunately not all ingredients were found in my […]