Natural Center piece

Spring’s approaching inexorably making flowers and bushes blossom out. Why not taking them inside to decorate house or table. Simply take some nice glasses, fill in some furled leaves (here I took those of a tiger lilly, reed works well too but can’t be found yet), pour in some water and place a floating candle in the middle. It looks very nice if the candle color matches with the one of your tablecloth. A further nice decoration can be made with ancient cups or a glass candle holder filled with water and a leave too. For a center piece place some early bloomers in a vase at their side or place flowers directly on the table cloth. Daisies and other grass can be gathered in the garden and will make a lovely garland twining around the glasses. Without water they will survive at least one or two days.

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  • Natürlicher Tischschmuck/Natural Center Piece/Décoration de table naturelle

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