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Season’s Greetings

Sweet carrot

For Easter we’ll have sweet carrots with marchpane green made from yeast dough. I saw some of them on pinterest but they were filled with some egg salad. Well, I think it will work with a sweet dough as well. So I started to prepare my dough (recipe at the end of the post) and […]

Easter egg cookies

Here they are, my delicate shortcrust Easter egg cookies filled with lemon curd. For the foto I unfortunately dusted them with powdered sugar before they had completely cooled. That’s why the sugar has already reduced a bit but that doesn’t have any influence on their taste. They simply are delicious! The recipe will make about […]

Lemon Curd

Well, I have to post the recipe for a fresh and fruity lemon curd because I want to use it for some delicate and lightly, tartish Easter egg cookies. Further the curd is perfect for filling cakes or bread rolls. For two glasses you’ll need: 3 – 4 bio lemons, 3 eggs size M, 220g […]

Easter butterflies

A few days ago I had a fb-post from showing a video instruction for some lovely folded paper butterflies. I had seen them before but simply forgotten to download the video. Quite lucky to read about them again I immediately had several ideas where and how to decorate them. I’ll put lots of them […]