Sweet carrot


For Easter we’ll have sweet carrots with marchpane green made from yeast dough. I saw some of them on pinterest but they were filled with some egg salad. Well, I think it will work with a sweet dough as well. So I started to prepare my dough (recipe at the end of the post) and while it rested there to raise I could care for my cones form. Of course you can buy metal cones but I don’t have any at home and had to think about any other way to form cones. That was when I remembered the pinterest pin where the cones were made with aluminium foil.


Take a 25cm large strip of foil, shuffle it lightly, fold it in half and press the bottom to get a tip. It’s not necessary to form them perfectly. Take your risen dough and press it with your hands to get a 1cm sheet. Cut 1cm wide stripes and roll these lightly getting thinner at the ends. Fix one end to the tip of your foil cone and twis dough stripe around. (I greased half of the cones – it was a bit easier to take these off after cooking). Apply egg wash. I added some drops of food coloring to get the carrot look. 2016_Moehre2Leave the dough carrots on baking tray to rest for about 20 minutes. Then bake them in the preheated oven at 180°C for 15-20 minutes. Remove from the oven and put on a rack to cool. Take off foil cones by twisting them carefully. It’s now ready to be filled. My advanced sample’s filled with lemon cord and whipped cream. Its green is made with colored marchpane. For a carrot you need a 2cm ball to be pressed through the disk of a potato masher to get these thin laces. If you like to make carrots for a salty filling just perpare the dough without sugar and take some more salt. For the carrot’s green take some dill then.



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