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Autumn layers

For my personal outfit I prefer the cold shades of color but for decoration I’m crazy about the rich coloring of the autumnal nature. While having a walk with some friends we collected hazelnuts, beechnuts, rose hips and wild berries to bring home. It’s necessary to dry the collected things on an old newspaper at […]

Rocket salad with peaches

Whoever wants to relish fresh peaches in a spicy way is dead right with this recipe. However it’s very good with canned peaches too and makes a wonderful starter.  

Little give-away

Who doesn’t love them, these cute boxes for little give-aways. I found this version on several blogs posting on and tried them immediately. Choose one size of the free template and transfer it to your selected card stock. Simply cut it out and fold as marked. Fill in your praline or candy and slip […]

Fruity noodle salad

You’ll have to be a perfect host tonight and don’t have hours left to spend them in your kitchen? Then you’ll appreciate this recipe for a nice noodle salad. You can easily cook the noodles already the day before and let them rest in their oil-vinegar dressing over night. Small dice of pineapple give it […]

Paper ball table setting

The same procedure as for the apples on Tuesday but different sizes and papers. As already mentioned these balls are perfect for using leftovers of all kinds of cardstock papers. My lovely paper napkins influenced the choice of color and the length of my strips was determined by some coconut truffles. These are hidden inside […]