Autumn layers

Herbst2014-7For my personal outfit I prefer the cold shades of color but for decoration I’m crazy about the rich coloring of the autumnal nature. While having a walk with some friends we collected hazelnuts, beechnuts, rose hips and wild berries to bring home. It’s necessary to dry the collected things on an old newspaper at least over night avoiding mold lateron. Then I simply layered all fruits and berries in a large bowl. The lovely wooden apples are from a florist nearby and they’re completing my “layered salad”.
Some of the long branches with red berries I put into a glass bowl too getting them stable with dark brown gravel. Some dried tree bark, chestnut burrs and one or two fruits of a bladder cherry and here you are with a splendid autumn arrangement.
If all parts are well dried before use they’ll last for several weeks.

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