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Royal gift box

Whatever it will be filled with – this lovely crown purse will make every girl’s heart beat faster. The sides are embellished with parts of doily border and little stars are glittering on its tops. The name tag is fixed with a satin ribbon and clearly shows whom it belongs to. It’s crossed to form […]

Light Snack

If you belong to those who thought that without cake and other pastries kitchen life would be boring your definitely were wrong. My well-loved cookie cutters were allowed to show what they’re good for with harder food. With their help I wanted to shape some appetizers with cheese, cucumber and bell pepper. So the vegetables […]

Wooden panel

Here we are with the first non-recipe post! Walking through our forest I couldn’t resist collecting bark pieces lying around. At home they only had to be cleaned and ranged for drying. To fasten a test tube I drilled two  1/5″ holes. This is quite easy with a hand brace because some parts of the […]

Fasting period

Ash Wednesday, it’s all over… and now we’ll have the hard days of the year, fasting period that lasts until Easter. I’ll do it in both my real and my virtual life. For real life I’ll abdicate cakes, cookies and other sweet things. For my virtual life this means no recipes or instructions for cakes […]

Pancake rolls

Does this happen to you too? You’re cooking some pancakes for lunch because due to a lack of time and in the end there’s always a small leftover of batter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re preparing it for yourself, for two or more persons – the leftover will always be there and nobody feels hungry […]