Pancake rolls


Does this happen to you too? You’re cooking some pancakes for lunch because due to a lack of time and in the end there’s always a small leftover of batter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re preparing it for yourself, for two or more persons – the leftover will always be there and nobody feels hungry any more. We now solved this problem in a very pleasant way. We’ll cook this little pancake, spread some nutella and roll it. Wrapped in foil it stays in our fridge sor several hours. Then cut it diagonally into 1 inch wide rolls. They’re a nice side dish for dinner or even a full one when served with a coulis and a fresh smoothie. Today we had a mango coulis going with an apple-mango-smoothie. Therefore peal mango and cut into chunks. Take one third to be blended for the coulis. The remaining mango chunks, an apple cut into chunks too, one banana and 3-4 tbsp of yoghurt are to be blended together until smooth. Pour in glasses (2-3) and serve with the pancake rolls.
Instead of nutella you may take any jam for filling as well and the coulis is to be made with all kinds of fruit that can be pureed. For a salty version simply spread some creme cheese on your pancake and put some smoke salmon on top before rolling it. Then you don’t even need a dip to go with.

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