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Angallis arvensis

This plant is lightly toxic and causes diarrhea if savoured by horses, dogs and probably donkeys too. The tinkering donkey however is afflicted by some virus that makes writing, handicraft and anything else impossible. The device now is drinking a lot, following the doctor’s diet and keeping calm. Hope you dont’t mind that this means […]


A real tasty casserole quite easy and quick to cook. Boil tortellini according instructions on package and fill in a casserole dish. Cut pork sausage, pepper and sahllotts in small pieces. Roast sausage and shallotts in cooking oil and add the pepper. Pour cream and tomatos into the pan and stir slightly. Flavor with black […]

Another fly agarlic

I discorved this strong fellow during a walking-tour in autumnal Sauerland. It’s not too far away from my home and we visited the Latrop valley in the county of Hochsauerland. A lot of trails invite the tourist to enjoy nature. In that little spot of Latrop, at the end of a road, you’ll find an […]

Granny’s Best

Everybody likes it and there is hardly any festivity without it. It received its name from the grandchildren of our family and since then it’s simply called “Granny’s apple cake”. You may eat it soon after baking but it’s best the day after because then the pastry is really tender. It’s a cake made of […]

Sunday Bread

Remembering sunday breakfasts at home I can still feel the taste of Mum’s sweet bread in my mouth. Last month then I discovered it in a bakery in good old Heidelberg and decided to make one by myself back home. As it’s in the middle of the week now I simply tried to make it […]