Sunday Bread

Einback7Remembering sunday breakfasts at home I can still feel the taste of Mum’s sweet bread in my mouth. Last month then I discovered it in a bakery in good old Heidelberg and decided to make one by myself back home. As it’s in the middle of the week now I simply tried to make it with salt instead of sugar. The trick is the way of doing it and not whether it’s made with sugar or salt. The yeast dough is to be made as usual. Give wheat flour, corn meal, crumbled yeast, salt and egg in the bowl of your food processor and knead well with dough hooks while adding milk successively until dough is soft and smooth. Then stir in melted butter and knead once again. Let rise for at least 20 minutes, knead and form dough to a roll. Cut it into 12 portions and assemble again on the baking tray. Apply some whisked egg yolk and give in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 390°F until it’s golden brown. After baking pull bread with parchment paper on a rack and let cool down.
The assembling of the dough pieces allows to simply break them away for eating. They may be served with jam as well as with cold cuts or cheese.

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