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Last minute advent calendar

Surprise, surprise! Sunday’s the first of December and the first day for the traditional German Advent calendar. If until now you didn’t manage to make one yourself but don’t want to buy any either. Well, then here you’ll get the instruction for a very last minute calendar which only needs a personal computer, a printer […]

(Deutsch) Adventskranz

No German household without an advent wreath. The traditional one is made of fir branches but nowadays there are many different sorts of wreaths. I bought the white willow wreath already last year but they’re still available in deocration shops. Like the one for my rustic candle holder the decoration idea derives from the book […]

Berliner Brot

Berliner Brot – a cookie with cinnamon and pimentos reminding the wonderful Christmas time of our childhood. A friend of mine got this recipe from her mother who had to learn it at housekeeping school more than 60 years ago. While posting the recipe the Berliner Brot is baking in the oven and I’ll give […]

Rustic Light

A Christmas light, quite natural and yet very impressive. The original one is proposed in a book entitled Weihnachts-Deko Natur. I chose the birch tree star instead of a square-cut wooden board. The birch branches and twigs were given to me by a lovely friend but you may also take other branches for decoration. The […]

Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies – besides Grandma’s traditional spritz cookies the best Christmas cookies ever. That’s what our children say and that’s why they’re almost the first cookies we do for Christmas. The recipe is quite easy and they’re even better if the currant jelly derives from Grandma’s storage rack. The ingredients are lightly changed because fortunately […]