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It’s late, almost too late for my today’s post. Therefor I have to blame these colored Macarons with an exquisite filling. Since several months I’m possessing a wonderful book with lots of recipes for these meringue pastries. Since the early Middle Ages these sweet titbits appear in written records but it was only at the […]

Potato Soup

Yesterday we had the decoration. Today you’ll get the recipe for my potato soup. It’s worthwhile to cook the double quantity and freeze half of the soup before adding sausages or anything else. Even unfreezed delicious.

Autumn Dinner

Autumn storms, long walks in the forest and at the end of the day a delicate potato soup. Some cosiness is requested but not really enough time for a sumptuous decoration. While browsing through various web sites I discovered this simple but effective proposal. Take a nice wine glass (I’ve only two left of these […]

Super Tuber II

Potatoes in curd cheese pastry with poppy seeds and tangerines – unusual but really delicious. Thanks to the mashed potatoes the pastry is very mellow. The filling of poppy seeds and the sweet tangerines give it  a very fruity note. I’m not sure whether I’m willing to cook some extra potatoes for a cake but […]