MacaronsIt’s late, almost too late for my today’s post. Therefor I have to blame these colored Macarons with an exquisite filling. Since several months I’m possessing a wonderful book with lots of recipes for these meringue pastries. Since the early Middle Ages these sweet titbits appear in written records but it was only at the beginning of the 20th century that a chocolate ganache was put between two layers. Today we have various fillings with fruit, nuts or different chocolate types.  I have to admit that meringue pastries are not my favourites so that I only dared to try the basic recipe. But not even that was a success. The beaten egg whites should stay firm after adding powdered sugar. Mine didn’t and that’s why the pastry flowed out and didn’t rise a desired. They’re delicious but they don’t have the requested size and consistence. Furthermore I had the egg yolks which I didn’t want to give into the waste. So I looked for a recipe assuming egg yolk for biscuits. Instructions will follow.
Being upset about the failure I couldn’t rest and started a second round with the meringue pastry. This time I succeeded so that I could take the picture above. The lemon filling will be done tomorrow and the instructions too.

Pict. 1 and 2: failed version, pict. 3: the first ones should have risen like that too

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