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Felt Dwarf

The traditional colours for these little felt dwarfs are red and white. Today I’ll suggest some other felt colours and another felting wool colour too. Draw hoody along breaking line on chosen felt according to pattern , cut out and sew top with backstitch. To close cape insert a thread with running stitch just below […]

Little Imp

I chose a brown outfit for that little imp I made to demonstrate the how-to-instructions. It matches very well with my other accessories and it even forms a nice contrast with the dark brown of the cone. My demonstration cone is about 2 inches high and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. Accordingly I took […]


The gift of a real good friend – and without any accessories this wintergreen with its red berries is a bright spot in these dark winter days. The indecidous shrub decorates itself with bright red berries and develops a lovely red brown coloring of its leaves as long as it gets enough sunlight in winter. […]

Knitting Board

Christmas is approaching and with it the search for Christmas gifts. What about a knitting loom for children but for grown ups as well. Without any precognition it’ll enable you to knit shawls, cuffs, pockets for cell phones and headbands. On one website I even found an instruction for a shawl with plait pattern. The […]

Hazelnut Cookies

They look like the first Christmas cookies but weren’t meant to be. I simply wanted to use the remaining egg yolk of my meringue pastry. The original recipe found on “” proposes  to cover the cookies with icing sugar. For half of my cookies I chose a chocolate top which we liked very much too. […]