Knitting Board

Loom4Christmas is approaching and with it the search for Christmas gifts. What about a knitting loom for children but for grown ups as well. Without any precognition it’ll enable you to knit shawls, cuffs, pockets for cell phones and headbands. On one website I even found an instruction for a shawl with plait pattern. The wool is stretched between pegs and stitching can be started. Most sets include the knitting board, a crochet hook and 1-2 sorts of wool. For the first rows however I used my thick darning needle to slip the yarn. It’s really quite easy and with a little help of grown ups even kids being 8 or 9 years old will manage to knit. A wonderful gift for Christmas to be enhanced with some nice wool. Even more successful will be to give it together with a knitted shawl or headband knitted in advance.

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