Little Imp

Zapfenwichtel8I chose a brown outfit for that little imp I made to demonstrate the how-to-instructions. It matches very well with my other accessories and it even forms a nice contrast with the dark brown of the cone. My demonstration cone is about 2 inches high and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. Accordingly I took a wooden ball of 0.8 inches. If you take smaller or bigger cones you should alter the size of the head ball too. It’s best to take a ball with a hole at least on one side so that you can fix the head on the tip of the cone. Before that cut a collar of the brown felt and fold it in the middle. With a very smal cut you’ll have a little hole to put it over the tip.
You’ll find a pattern for collar and jelly bag cap here. They have to be adapted to the size of head and cone too. Take the quadrant, turn it to a cap and fix the sides with glue. Then place some cotton with a bit of glue around the head and a little ball of it on the tip of the cap. Take a ribbon of about 4 inches length as a shawl and tie it round the cone just beneath the collar. You may paint a face but it’s not essential.

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