Last minute advent calendar

Adventlastminute3Surprise, surprise! Sunday’s the first of December and the first day for the traditional German Advent calendar. If until now you didn’t manage to make one yourself but don’t want to buy any either. Well, then here you’ll get the instruction for a very last minute calendar which only needs a personal computer, a printer and an old picture frame. Take off the picture from your frame and fix four ribbons on the back of it. I did it with thumbtacks as you can see on picture below. On each line there’re hanging 6 little star decorated papers numbered in the front. To download these star papers click here and for the numbers take my post 2in1 because there you can choose between two colours. It should be no difficulty to find some clothespins even on saturday. It looks very nice if you take some smaller ones. I had some white ones with angel wings left and chose them for each sunday. On the backside of the star spangled paper you may write down some vouchers, more or less philosophical or funny sayings. You should write them down by hand to make it more personal. If you don’t have a printer you can simply draw little hearts or stars, cut them out, number them from 1 to 24 and also write down something on their backside.
For the sundays you can also suspend some wrapped chocolate on the back of the paper. I tried it with some chocolate hearts which I fixed with double-sided sticky tape. For the 6th of December I even attached a little box with pralines and the 1.5oz weight was no problem for the ribbon.
The hanging up is no problem either because you can simply take off one of the drawings or fotos in your flat and place the calendar instead. After Christmas the original drawing may return.
Now the slogan is: up to the attic, look for a frame and there’s no further obstacle for a nice gift. The addressee will surely be very happy with this nice surprise.  

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